Disputes on Muslim Authority in Central Asia (19th - 20th Centuries): Critical Editions and Source Studies

Verantwortliche Prof. Dr. Anke von Kügelgen
Trägerschaft Institut für Islamwissenschaft und Neuere Orientalische Phililogie
Betreuung Freie Forschung
Kooperation Prof. Dr. Bakhtiyar Babajanov (Orient-Institut, Tashkent, Uzbekistan), Prof. Dr. Ashirbek Muminov, (U Tashkent, Uzbekistan), Porf. Dr. Zikiriya Zhandarbek, (U Turkestan, Kazakhstan)
Finanzierung Schweizerischer Nationalfonds

The project aimed at the exploration of Islamic religious history in Central Asia under colonial Russian and Soviet rule. It focussed on the question how traditional Islam could survive and develop under colonial hegemony, and how it reacted to the political and social changes that were brought about by foreign and atheist domination. The determining question was how social conflicts are reflected in religious (theological, juridical, mystical) and historical writings of eminent Muslim protagonists from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan of the 19th and 20th centuries.  These sources exist only in form of Turkic (Uzbek/Kazakh), Arabic and Tadjik (Persian) manuscripts that circulated among the population. Therefore, the research led to the edition of some of the most important of these texts. With the critical edition and thorough exploration of these texts in three volumes we hope to provide the ongoing debate about the religious heritage of the new independent states of Central Asia with a solid scientific basis and at the same time to give new impetus to the study of Islamic history in Central Asia.