Study counselling

You can always register for a study counselling. It is useful to check our FAQs first. Responsibility for study counselling at the Institute is regulated as follows:

Study coordination

Study couselling BA and MA

Below is a selection of FAQs.

  • Do the three modules for 30 ECTS in the curriculum correspond to the four main topics?

Module a) can be filled with courses from SP 1 and 3; module b) with courses from SP 2 and 3; and module c) with courses from SP 4.

  • The regulations state that I should cover three basic seminars on three different topics. How strictly is this applied to the topics?

It is applied strictly according to the regulations.

  • Can I take courses offered by the Institute in the framework of an elective if I am already a major or minor student of the Institute?


  • How should I proceed if I want to be credited for courses outside the Faculty of Humanities?

You must clarify this with the head of the seminar of each of the subjects involved and enter it into KSL.

  • Can I study an Islamic studies minor if my major does not belong to the Faculty of Humanities? If so, who decides whether this is taken into account - the Institute of Islamic Studies or the dean?

In principle this is possible, but each individual case must be clarified with the dean of the major subject. A 60 ECTS Islamic studies minor is also possible for major students outside of the Faculty of Humanities.

  • Can I study a major in Islamic Studies at the University of Bern and take a minor at another university? If so, how should I proceed?

Yes, that is possible. If the major is studied in Bern, the minor subject performance record must be produced at some point and the grades transferred by KSL Support.

  • Can I have a language exchange credited? If so, how should I proceed?

Yes, you can be credited for language exchanges, but only in consultation with the responsible professors.

  • Who is allowed to take language courses at master’s level, in particular the advanced courses?

All those who successfully complete the language courses preceding the level of the respective language course are admitted (in case of doubt, consult the course instructor).

  • Where can I find useful information on literature and literature searches, guidelines and fact sheets on written work?

Much useful information can be found on Ilias at:

Magazin »  Philosophisch-historische Fakultät »  Islamwissenschaft und Neuere Orientalische Philologie »  Allgemeines zum Studium 


  • When is the latest a request for an extension of the study period can be submitted so that I am not excluded?

The curricula are designed in such a way that full-time students can complete their studies within the standard period of study. [Art 13, 2, RSL] The standard period of study for a bachelor’s degree is six semesters. If you cannot complete it within this time, you must submit an application for extension by the 9th semester at the latest. You can find more information here.