Completion of studies/Graduation

As of the 2013 autumn semester, grades are only recorded in the "Kernsystem Lehre" (KSL). Bachelor and Masters degrees are likewise only created from what is recorded in KSL. The grades recorded in the previous system “epub” are still accessible in a read-only version and have been transmitted to KSL.

Any problems with KSL can generally be solved by email and an appointment with KSL officers is only necessary in exceptional cases.

During the studies

Check regularly in the middle of each term whether your grades from the previous term have been recorded in KSL. If grades are missing, contact the respective lecturers with a copy to the KSL email address requesting that the missing grades be added in KSL. If you do this on a regular basis, you will have your KSL account almost completely up to date by the time you graduate.

Grades are recorded by the respective lecturers, the Institute’s KSL officers do not record grades!

At least one month before graduation

Please contact the Institute’s KSL officers ONE MONTH BEFORE completing your degree (during the semester break ideally SIX WEEKS before). Check your KSL account to see whether you have completed your studies according to the curriculum.

Grades from the University of Bern for semesters prior to autumn 2013 will only be listed in “epub”; those for semesters prior to 2009 only in “ephi”.

In these cases, please contact the KSL officers.

Grades obtained at ANOTHER UNIVERSITY are recorded by the KSL officers. In such cases you must provide:

  • The original paper certificate of the respective university as well as a scanned, emailed copy.
  • In the case of a non-Swiss university or educational institution: a handwritten note on the attestation or an e-mail from the director of the institute stating the number of ECTS and how the course in question should be recorded (e.g. BA seminar, MA seminar, basic seminar, method exercise, etc.).


If courses and/or grades need to be shifted (e.g. to and from electives "Wahlbereich/Freie Leistungen"), you can do this yourself in KSL.


If courses and/or grades need to be deleted, please contact the Institute’s KSL officers who will do this for you.

After reviewing the registered courses, the Institute’s KSL officers will electronically set your degree status to "requirements fulfilled".

At the same time you must download and print the following two documents on the homepage of the Faculty of Humanities under "Bachelorabschluss":

BA/MA diploma application form or online request

Confirmation form of the BA degree (Bescheinigung BA-Abschluss)

Please submit the "confirmation form" to a KSL officer who will attach a short note. This confirmation may also be sent by email to the managing director of the Institute. The certificate must then be signed by the managing director. You will hand the signed certificate to the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Humanities with the application form completed by you. Then you only have to pay your fees and you will receive your diploma from the Dean’s Office by mail.