Student representatives

Who are the student representatives?

Students of major or minor programs at the Institute of Islamic Studies and Modern Oriental Philology are automatically student representatives.

Who is the Board of Trustees?

Student representatives are represented by the Board of Trustees which currently comprises of six students:

  • Leonie Isch: co-president

  • Youri Zwahlen: co-president

  • Noemi Rossi: event organizer

  • Neal Tritten: communication and social media

  • Ruth Adank: communication and social media

  • Emira Gharbi: communication and social media

  • Dario Nocera: finances

What are the duties of the Board?

The Board mediates between students and the university management and faculty. The Board is also responsible for convening board meetings where constructive discussions about students' concerns are held, such as suggestions for institute or event design and curriculum changes. Furthermore, the Board organises the Institute festival, film evenings, the "exchange of ideas" and the Summer barbecue.

In order to work efficiently, the Board is dependent on the ideas and suggestions of all students. We invite first semester students to participate actively in the Institute from the outset.